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Walnut Shells

Ground English Walnut Shells


A relatively soft nut shell abrasive for removal of undesirable coatings without etching, scratching, or marring surfaces. The pellets are tough, possess high strength and resist break down, but are non-abrasive in character. Excellent reuse, low dust, and usable in all types of blast equipment. Most widely used for blast cleaning when very close tolerances must be maintained.

Other Applications:
As a lost circulation material for bridging agent due to its granular nature.
Also use as a drag reducer in deviated holes.
Walnut Shells are chemically inert and may be added to any mud system.

STOCK No. 073000Fine20/4050 lb. Bags
STOCK No. 073001Medium12/2050 lb. Bags
STOCK No. 073003Course8/1250 lb. Bags
"BLACK WALNUT SHELLS" Available Upon Request.
MOHS Hardness = 3Bulk Density (Weight/ft.³) = 45 lbs.

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