Remote Control Inlet, Combo and Exhaust Valves


Auto Air Valves

The auto air valve allows for the control of airflow with a minimum amount of pressure loss. The valve comes in various sizes and with different options to meet any requirement.


Stock # 280750   (3/4" Valve)

Stock # 281000   (1" Valve)
Stock # 281250   (1-1/4" Valve)

Stock # 281500   (1-1/2" Valve)

Stock # EE2123-006-99  (3/4"  - 1" Service Kit)

Stock # EE2123-007-99  (1-1/4" - 1-1/2" Service Kit)

3/4" - 1" service kit

3/4"-1" Service Kit

1-1-1/4" Service Kit

sandblasting inlet valve

Hi-Volume Auto Air Valves

Built for larger air volumes and recommended when using large bore (#8+) blast nozzles. Ideally suited for use with multi-outlet or multi-nozzle equipment. i.e.: Vortex 4000, Little Bully, PRD and other spinblast equipment.


Stock # EE2123-108L (1-1/2" Full flow valve)

Stock # EE2123-109L (2" Full flow valve)

Stock # EE2123-009-99 (Repair Kit)

valve repair kit
Hi volume auto air valve

MIV (RMS) Inlet Valve

A springless inlet valve with 1-1/4” NPT parts, ideally suited for warmer, dryer climates.


Stock # 290350 (Valve)

Stock # 290360 (Service Kit)

Service Kit
RMS Inlet Valve

1” Inlet Valve

Stock # EE1980 (1" Inlet Valve)

Stock # EE01929 (Service Kit)

Service Kit
1" Inlet Valve

1-1/2” Inlet Valve

Stock # EE01995 (1-1/2" Inlet Valve)

Stock # EE01927 (Service Kit)

Service Kit
1-1/2" inlet valve

MDV (RMS) Exhaust Valve

A 3/4” NPT port outlet valve ensures fast depressurization, equipped with a replaceable rubber diaphragm.

Stock # 290375 (Valve)

Stock # 290380 (Service Kit)

Exhaust Valve

ABSS 1" Diaphragm Dump Valve

Stock # 290395 (Valve for use with pulse collector)

Stock # 290398 (Service Kit)

Stock # 290385 (Valve for use with blast pot)

Stock # 290388 (Gasket / Diaphragm Kit)

Dump Valve

1/2" Diaphragm Outlet Valve

Stock # EE02512 (Valve)
Stock # EE02511 (Diaphragm)

1/2" Diaphragm outlet valve

1" Outlet Valve

Stock # EE01967 (Valve)
Stock # EE01928 (Service Kit)

1" Outlet valve

1” Diaphragm Outlet Valve

Fewer wear components

Faster vessel blow down. Can be used on virtually any pressure release style control system, very low maintenance.


Stock # EE03371   (Valve)

Stock # EE06149  (Diaphragm)


sandblasting outlet valve

1” Exhaust Valve (G-78)

Stock # EE290182-SP   (Valve)

Stock # EE290183 (Service Kit)


G-78 Exhaust valve

1” Exhaust Valve (G-72)

Stock # EE290181   (Valve)

1" exhaust valve

DRV (RMS) Dual Valve

A combination inlet/outlet remote control valve. Ideally suited in warm, dry climates.


Stock # 290300  (Valve)

Stock # 290360  (Service Kit)

Service Kit
DRV dual valve

C-Valve Dual Valve

A combination inlet/outlet valve, 3/4” blast hose is used to exhaust air from blasting vessel.


Stock # EE2223-000  (Valve)

Stock # EE22230-0099  (Service Kit)


combo sandblasting valve
Service Kit

Bullet II Remote Control Valve

This combination inlet/exhaust control valve incorporates the same internal components as the Bullet I Valve, however, it is much more refined in its design. It is also 20% lighter than the Bullet I.

Stock # EE2225-000  (Valve)

Stock # EE22230-0099  (Service Kit)


bullet II remote control valve
Service Kit

1” Abrasive Trap

Stock # EE02011 (Valve)

Stock # EE02012  (Screen)



1" Abrasive trap

1” Abrasive Trap II

A freshly engineered abrasive trap, utilizes the same replacement screen as the original OEM design, cast iron construction, powder coated, cyclonic, action trap, ensuring radial dispersion of dust and abrasive particles across the entire screen surface.


Stock # EE02017 (Valve)

Stock # EE02012  (Screen)

1" Abrasive trap II

3/4" Blow Down Silencer

Reduces exhausting air noise levels substantially, disposable.


Stock # 290340 (3/4" Silencer)

Stock # 290341  (Element)

3/4" blow down silencer

1” Blow Down Silencer

H.D. 1” Blast Pot Muffler

H.D. 1" blast pot muffler

Stock # 290345 (Muffler complete)
Stock #
290346 (Body)
Stock # 290348 (Diffuser)

Stackable design, Heavy duty internal diffuser, Ideal for use with 1” diaphragm dump, valves Improved blow down noise tone

1" blow down silencer

Stock # EE1711-700 (1")
Stock # EE03839 (Service Kit)

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