P-Series Pressure Dry Blast Cabinets

Unit Illustrated:   Model  P4848-92C, high production blast cabinet c/w 900 CFM reclaimer, 900 CFM multi-bag dust filter cabinet, and 4-lamp/dual fixture lighting system

High Production

The Mod-U-Blast® “P Series” Pressure Dry Blast Cabinets were engineered for maximum production (3 to 4 times faster than standard suction blasting - “S Series”). Mod-U-Blast® Pressure Cabinets are equipped with a Pneumatic Valve for optimum safety and blast media flow, direction and velocity (foot pedal operated). Pressure systems give the control needed to clean at gentle pressures (10 to 20 PSI) or aggressive cleaning as high as 110 PSI. Minimum pressure with Suction Systems is 30 to 40 PSI.



• Engineered and designed to precision, the Mod-U-Blast® tunable media reclaimer is unequalled in performance. Separation of the blast media, oversized foreign matter, and dust becomes as accurate as possible in a cyclone-type reclaim system. Equipped with replaceable wear plate.

• Available as an upgrade kit for cabinets without reclaimers.

• Cabinet work area determines reclaimer size.



• The Mod-U-Blast® pressure cabinets come standard with an M-Valve metering valve for defined efficiency. This valve allows for the fine-tuning of the flow of media to the mixing point where the abrasive meets the air flow. All pressure cabinets come equipped with an auto-air valve/blow down system that is controlled by a foot controlled pedal. Once the foot pedal is activated, the auto-air valve opens and the blow down valve closes pressurizing the blast vessel to the pre-regulated blast pressure that will start the blast cycle. When the foot pedal is released, the process reverses and the blast vessel blows down into the rubber lined hopper of the blast cabinet.


Standard Features

• 14 gauge steel construction

• Venturi blast nozzle (3/16” - Standard)

• Natural rubber vinyl gloves

• Air blow-off gun

• Perforated steel flooring

• Pneumatic foot pedal control switch

• Cabinets are 100% modular and upgradable

• Moisture separator, regulator, gauge, control panel

• External lighting system (fluorescent)

• Safety glass - throughout

• Powder coated for durability

• Easy change safety glass window

• Overlapping positive tension doors

• Replaceable reclaim wearplate

• 0.7 Cu. Ft. pressure pot

• Safety relief valve

• Adjustable air intakes for clear visibility

• Safety door shut offs


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