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Vacuum Shrouded Needle Scalers

This pneumatic tool provides a thorough and effective means of removing coatings, corrosion and other accumulated materials. Works on almost any surface including rivet heads, corners, edges, weld seams, bridge bearings, concrete and more. Air requirement is 85 CFM.


Stock # TP3100  (3B/PG Complete kit, pistol grip)

Stock #  TP3107 (3B/PG Tool only w/cuffs and needles)

Vacuum shrouded needle scaler

Shrouded Right Angle Grinder

The 5” vacuum shrouded grinders will tackle your toughest grinding surface preparation needs. Whether spot cleaning or feathering for re-coating, these grinders will handle the challenge with dust-free ease.

Consumes 30 CFM @ 90 PSI.


Stock # TP5500  (5” shrouded right angle Grinder)

Stock #  TP5501 (3M 5” replacement disc)

Shrouded right angle grinder

Rotopeen VSE Peening Prep Tools (PPT)

For removal of coatings from steel and concrete while containing hazardous dust. Utilizes 3M brand tungsten carbide tipped Rotopeen flaps. 30 CFM  90 PSI.


Stock # TP0205-K  (2” Pneumatic PPT, Complete kit)

Stock # TP0205  (2” Pneumatic PPT, Tool only)

Stock # TP0405-K  (4” Pneumatic PPT, Complete kit)

Stock # TP0405  (4” Pneumatic PPT, Tool only)

Rotopeen VSE peening prep tools

Power Tools / Scalers

Long Reach Scalers

The Long Reach Scalers are specifically designed to reduce back injury. Consume only 5 CFM @ 90 PSI compressed air. 1” to 12” chisel and scraper blades to choose from, needle scaler attachment also available. Standard with choice of 1”, 2”, or 4” blade holder or 4”, 8” or 12” scraper.


Stock # TP3299  (2’ Long Reach Scaler with hex holder & chisel)

Stock #  TP3599 (5’ Long Reach Scaler with hex holder & chisel)

Stock #  TP3699 (6’ Long Reach Scaler with hex holder & chisel)

Long reach scaler

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