Mod-U-Blast Engineered Blast Rooms

Abrasive Blast Room
sandblasting booth

Why a Mod-U-Blast Blast Room?


Mod-U-Blast®’s blast rooms are built to ensure most optimal production levels with low maintenance. Our blast rooms are specifically engineered to meet your blasting needs.

Main Advantages:

• No weather constraints. Blast anytime, any day.

• High production levels.

• Reduced media costs from recycled media recovery systems.

• Controlled work environments and exceptional lighting for consistent quality of work.

• Very clean work environments, contained dust



• External swing doors (2).

• One external man door with heavy-duty door latch kit with striker and safety viewing window located on either side of blast room.

• All doors are equipped with safety interlocks to de-activate the blast when the door is opened.

• Fluorescent tube lighting assemblies in blast resistant frames with polycarb protective covers

• Puck Board Lining – complete with 1/2” puck board for noise reduction, increase lighting, airflow improvement, and protection of blast area.

• External Aluminum Siding (grayish blue) with angle strips – installed.

• Intake / Exhaust plenums.

• Hose manifold to handle blast hose, remote line, breathing line and blow off air hose.

• Steel Floor comes complete with:

- Custom fitted checker plate or flat steel floor.

- Built with welded steel and anchored to the floor to prevent future ‘curling’ of plates due to the peening effect of blast operations.

• External Electric Control Panel – complete with 12 Volt controls to Blast System.

• Abrasive Blast Pot – Model: MBM-6.5SRE – complete with custom spider / lid assembly.


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