Holiday Detection

Tinker & Rasor “M-1 Low Voltage” Holiday Detector

The M-1 is now worldwide as the best choice for the inspection of thin film coatings (0-20mils). The totally redesigned M-1 now uses 6 AA batteries and an advanced circuitry to produce 67.5 Volts. With on-board calibration verification, the M-1 can be checked in the field with no other test apparatus needed. An L.E.D. lights on the front panel when the unit is in calibration and a holiday is detected. The M-1 comes complete ready to work right out of the box. Head phones may now be used in noisy environments that drawn out the normal audio sound.


Stock # 20200 (Tinker & Rasor M-1)

Stock # 20201 (Replacement sponge)

Stock # 20201-S (Replacement sponge sheet - 2’ x 4’)

Stock # 20202 (Head phones)

Stock # 20205 (18” replacement wand handle)

Stock # 202051 (36” replacement wand handle)


M-1 low voltage holiday detector

Tinker & Rasor “APS” High Voltage Holiday Detector - “Stick Type”

The Latest in Holiday Detector Technology

Tinker & Rasor introduces the Model APS high voltage holiday detector for pipe applications. The Model APS is the product of more than three years of development and two years of testing in the field. The instrument represents the latest in electronics in the industry, with a new design and numerous improvements.


Stock # 20209-APS (APS High Voltage Holiday Detector)

Stock # 20209-BAT (Replacement Battery)

*Replacement electrodes, springs, brushes, and sponges available upon request for both APS and AP/W series detectors. Specify size and type.


APS high voltage holiday detector

Tinker & Rasor “AP/W High Voltage” Holiday Detector

Tinker & Rasor introduces the completely redesigned Model AP/W high voltage holiday detector for multi-use applications. The Model AP/W has built upon the advancements of the Model APS and packaged them into a belt worn instrument to provide a holiday detector with the application flexibility to move from pipe, to tank, to concrete and beyond. This pulsating DC holiday detector with regulated voltage* has a range of 800 volts to 35,000 volts, giving complete coverage for coating specifications.

Stock # 20209-APW (Holiday Detector - w/23-035 power pack)

Stock # 20209-SC (Holiday Detector - spy connectors)

Stock # 20209-VM (AP/W Holiday Detector - w/volt meter)

Stock # 20209-W (AP/W Holiday Detector - wand w/head)

Stock # 20209-WE (AP/W Holiday Detector - wand extension)

Stock # 20209-WH (AP/W Holiday Detector - wand head)

Stock # 20209-WHA (AP/W Holiday Detector - wand head adapter)


AP/W high voltage holiday detector

PosiTest® LPD Low-Voltage Pinhole Detector


The PosiTest LPD detects holidays, pinholes and other discontinuities in coating systems measuring less than 500 µm (20 mils) thick applied to metal and concrete substrates. Each detector arrives fully calibrated and includes a certificate of calibration traceable to NIST at no additional expense.


Basic Kit comes complete with PosiTest LPD, base tube, 3 AAA batteries, rectangle sponge hardware, rectangle sponge, 4.5 m (15’) ground wire, insulating collar, ear bud, wrist strap, carabiner, Long Form Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST, instructions, hard shell case, two year warranty


Stock # 20196-LPDKITB      (positest, LPD, low volt detector, basic kit.)

Stock # 20196-LPDKITC      (positest, LPD, low volt detector, complete kit.)

Stock # 20196-LPDACCPK  (positest, LPD, low volt detector, accessory pack)




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