Abrasive Blast Suits - Body Protection

Econo-Cool Blast Suits

Durable Industrial Nylon, Leather Knee Patches

light sandblasting suit
Leather & Nylon Blast suits

Nylon & Leather Blast Suits

Available in both Nylon and Leather Reinforced, these coveralls are the ideal outfit for blasters in the warmer months of Spring, Summer, and Fall. The Nylon Coveralls allow for lightweight, durable comfort during the blasting process, with easy mobility for the workers. The Leather Reinforced Outfits offer similar comfort with toughness that canᅠstand up under the most demanding blasting environments.

Flame Retardant Blast Suit

FLAMMABILITY: Fed. Test Method 191/5903


FABRIC: 100% Cotton Sateen

High Thread Count and great tearing strength

Flame Retardant sandblasting suit

RPB® Blast Suits

knee pad replacement

Kneed pad replacement

Hand Protection

Leather Gloves

leather blasting gloves

Leather/Cotton Gloves

Leather / cotton gloves

RPB® leather Gloves

Leather gloves

Pile Lined Mitts

Pile lined mitts

All leather, thinly lined for milder conditions.
Stock # 1597BG

All split leather, black, pile lined.

Stock # 1325XL

All leather pile lined for cooler conditions.

Stock # 1711PL

Double-palmed leather.

Stock # 1598BG

Advanced Eye Protection

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses

Plus Safety Glasses

Plus safety glasses

Ultra Safety Glasses

Ultra safety glasses

PTQ Safety (12 in 1 Quick Change Painters Goggles

PTQ Painters goggles

•  9 Base lens offers wrap around protection

•  Rimless for light weight comfort and increased vision

•  Anti scratch coated lenses

•  Metal-Free

•  Meet ANSI-Z87.12010 safety standard

Stock #
Stock # 408221-S (smoked lens)

•  9 Base lens offers wrap around protection

•  Rimless for light weight comfort and increased vision

•  Anti scratch coated lenses

•  Soft temple grips

•  Metal-Free

•  Meet ANSI-787.1-2010 safety standard


Stock # 408241-C
Stock # 408241-S (smoked lens)

•  Dual 9 base lenses designed for close fit wrapping close to face

•  Ventilated and adjustable nose pad for extra comfort

•  Unobtrusive side frame for increased peripheral vision

•  Anti scratch coated lenses

•  Side arm sleeves for added temple grip

•  Metal free

•  Meets ANSI-787.1-2010 safety standard

Stock # 408261-C
Stock # 408261-S (smoked lens)

•  No removal necessary for lens change

•  Thermal barrier helps eliminate most lens fogging

•  Maximum protection against impact and penetration

•  Protects during painting, spraying, grinding, liquid splash, etc.

•  98% UV Protection

•  Meet or exceeds ANSI-87.1 1989



Stock # 490600 (safety goggle set)

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