Hardness Testing

PosiTector® Shore Hardness Durometer


The PosiTector SHD measures the indentation hardness of non-metallic materials such as polymers, elastomers and rubbers. In the corrosion industry, durometers are commonly used to ensure proper curing of pipeline repair wraps.


Shore A - for soft to hard materials such as soft rubber, elastomers, neoprene, silicone, etc.)

Shore D - for medium to extra hard materials such as hard rubber, epoxies, hard plastics, PVC, acrylic, etc.

Defelsko Shore D Hardness Durometer
Shore Hardness Durometer


Stock # 20196-6SHDA1E      (Gauge, positector, SHD, Shore A, standard.)

Stock # 20196-6SHDA3E      (Gauge, positector, SHD, Shore A, advanced.)

Stock # 20196-6PRBSHDA  (Probe, positector, SHD Shore A.)


Stock # 20196-6SHDD1E    (Gauge, positector, SHD, Shore D, standard.)

Stock # 20196-6SHDD3E    (Gauge, positector, SHD, Shore D, advanced.)

Ptc® Durometers

ASTM “Type A” Durometers and “Type D” Durometers measure the indentation hardness of substances such as rubber, plastic, and epoxy. Both types of Durometers come complete with Carrying Case and Test Block. The Ancillary Hand is also standard for indicating peak readings. Comes with factory calibration record.


Meets ASTM D2240 Specifications

Range: 0 to 100 points

Weight: 8 oz.


Stock # 20245A   (Type A  for rubber and rubber-like materials)
Stock # 20245D  (Type D for hard rubber, plastics, soft metals, epoxies)


Ptc® Pencil Durometers

This compact Durometer’s 1/2” diameter base is the smallest base permitted by ASTM-D2240 Specifications. This allows it to be used in confined or hard to reach areas that other durometers can not test. Comes with factory calibration record.


Meets ASTM-D2240 Specifications


Range: 0 to 100 pts (+/- 1 point)

Weight: 7 oz.



Stock # 20246  (Pencil durometer Type A)
Stock # 20247 (Pencil durometer Type D)

Pencil Durometer
Type D pencil durometer

Ptc® Portable Steel Hardness Tester

Equivalent Rockwell “C” Scale.

The Model 316 Hardness Tester comes complete with Calibrated Impact Indenter, Illuminated Microscope, Calibrated Test Block, Conversion Chart, Tungsten Carbide Ball Tip, and Carrying Case.


Range: 20HRC to 65HRC

Weight: 2 lbs. 2 oz.




Stock # 20248  (Portable steel hardness tester - R.C.)

Portable steel hardnes tester

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