Explosion Proof, Hazardous Duty Lighting

Brick LED Area Light

Approved for Hazardous Locations:

C1, D1 and D2 Groups C and D. C2, D1 and D2 Groups F and G

XP-G LEDs emitting color at 6000K (+/-200K)

LEDs rated at ~11, 520 Lumens

Thermal temperatures rated at T5

Dimensions: Length=10” x Width=5” x Height=5”

Weight: 10-13lbs depending on model

Brick LED on tripod
Brick LED Light A-frame mounted

Brickette LED Area Light

Like it’s older brother (shown above) the BRICKette packs a level of versatility and durability like no other light into a smaller package. Designed to meet the needs in a variety of applications from Paint & Blast to Confined Spaces.


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Brickette LED area light

6300RL CART – LED Series Explosion Proof Wide Area Light


Complies with hazardous location requirements. Designed for portable illumination anywhere. Provides 10,000 lumens of amiable white light. 120-277 Volt AC voltage, instant on/off operation. 17” diameter fixture weighs only 23lbs. Can be used with or without cart.


Stock # 25630-EXP (6300 Series system c/w light, handle, 100’ x 14/3 Cable, explosion proof plug and cart assembly)



6300RL Cart - explosion proof are light

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