Carbon Monoxide Monitors

GX4 Gas Monitor


As you know, dangerous levels of toxic gases can cause severe injury or death. How can you have complete confidence that the air you and your employees breathe is safe? Your solution is the RPB GX4, an intelligent gas monitor that has the ability to detect up to 4 gases, giving you peace of mind.

Gases such as carbon monoxide are invisible to all the human senses, yet are commonly found in industrial premises worldwide. While low level exposure may not be immediately fatal, ongoing contact at low levels has a cumulative effect, causing serious illness and long term health concerns. Early symptoms can be mistaken for the flu, headache or tiredness. It is a serious problem which is commonly overlooked.


Some applications Include:

• Spray painting, coating and confined space applications

• Pharmaceutical manufacturing

• Chemical, chemical stripping, pesticide and materials handling

• Waste management

sandblasting carbon monoxide monitor 



COHP Carbon Monoxide Monitor

This unit is designed to monitor breathing air for carbon monoxide contamination from a compressed air source. The air flows through the sampling hose and into the monitor where a small amount (~0.5 lpm) is diverted through a preset internal regulator and flow restrictor. This delivers a continuous flow of sample air to the sensor chamber. The monitor will analyze the air and display the CO concentration on the face of the monitor in parts-per million (ppm).


The Green LED located on the outside of the COHP will illuminate during normal operation when the CO level is below the CO alarm point (10 ppm US and 5 ppm International). If the CO level rises above the alarm set point, the Red LED on the outside of the COHP will illuminate and an audible alarm will sound.


The unit is available housed a protective polycarbonate case that can be carried or mounted on the wall. All system lights and alarms are located on the outside of the polycarbonate case. Grade-D air must be supplied to the system and must be free of oil and water to prevent contamination of the sensor. The monitor can operate on 115 VAC or 12 volts DC.


COHP carbon monoxide monitor

Stock # 432000 (CO Monitor for high pressure, CO5HP 5ppm set point)

MST Respiratory Protector

The M.S.T. Respiratory Protector offers maximum breathing air protection, with a high degree of operator comfort and portability. The system offers a four stage purification process:


Pre Filter / First and Second Stage

First stage particulate removal with second stage coalescing action of liquid contaminants.


Third Stage

Contains activated charcoal for the removal of gaseous hydrocarbons, tastes, and odors.


Fourth Stage

A unique low temperature catalyst for the removal of carbon monoxide and other toxic gases.

Before exiting the system, the air is passed by a carbon monoxide monitor to ensure that no

CO gas has been able to pass through. The complete system measures 23.25” Long x

20.75” Wide x 9” Deep and weighs in at 31lbs.



MST Respiratory Protector

Stock # 44050  (RP050MST Respirator Protector)

Stock # 44050-K (Replacement Filter Kit)

Stock # 44051  (Calibration Kit)

See Breathe

CO kills. Painters and Blasters using compressed air as a breathing source may now eliminate the threat of inhaling hazardous amounts of CO through their respirators.


The See Breathe Carbon Monoxide Detector provides visual detection of deadly carbon monoxide inside the paint or blast hood. The detector attaches directly on the inner lens of the respirator.

It measures only about one half inch diameter and a visual alarm indicates the presence of

carbon monoxide.


Benefits of See Breathe

• Low cost, very economical for three months of continuous detection.

• Disposable device, replace about every three months.

• No calibration or maintenance required. One minute to install.

• No hook-up, no wires, no tubing.


See breathe CO detector

Stock # 43004  (Package of 4)


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