Bullard Free-Air Pumps





Supplies air for one hood-style or two half or full face mask airline respirators. Air flow is 10 CFM at 5 psig. The EDP10 is lightweight at only 49 pounds!

EDP-10 free air puimp

Supplies air for two hood-style or three half or full face mask airline respirators. Air flow is 16 CFM at 5 psig.

EDP-16 free air puimp

The air driven Free-Air Pump supplies air to four hood-style or six half or full face mask respirators approved to operate at 25 psig or less. Intrinsically safe and offering an inlet drive pressure of 95 psig, air flow is 30 CFM at 5 psig.

ADP-20 free air pump

Stock # 42220

Stock # 42225
Stock #  42226 (Hazardous-duty version)

Stock # 42230



Supplies air for four hood-style, six half or full face mask airline respirators, or two hood-style respirators equipped with Frigitron climate control devices. Respirators must be approved to operate on 30 psig or less. Shipped complete with inlet and outlet filter cartridges, pressure gauges, pressure relief valves, and one air supply hose quick-disconnect pod with six 1/2” Industrial Interchange (Hansen compatible) quick-disconnect couplers.

EDP-30 free air pump

Supplies air for seven hood-style or ten half or full face mask airline respirators. Air flow is 50 CFM at 5 psig. Features point of attachment, quick disconnect pods that can be extended up to 300 feet from pump.

EDP-50 free air pump

Stock # 42227

Stock # 42229

* Require 1/2” breathing/line/fittings

* Repair kits available for each model


Replacement Filters

free air pump outlet filter
free air pump inlet filter
Free air pump service kit

Stock # 42221 (Outlet filter)

Stock # 42222 (Inlet filter)

Stock # 42223 (Service Kit)


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