Bullard 88VX Abrasive Blasting Helmet




MSHA Approved as a Type C or CE Continuous Flow Class Respirator Approval No. TC-19C-293


Greater Protection

Complete coverage of head and neck with positive pressure within the helmet,

acting as a barrier to airborne contamination.


Comfortable Fit

Respirator is held firmly and comfortably in place with a lightweight inner shell and an adjustable headband

suspension. The helmet easily accommodates hearing protection, communication equipment, beards, or eye wear.


Optimum Visibility

Wide-angle face shield lens and headband suspension system are positioned for optimal visibility.


Climate Control

Optimal climate control devices available for use with the 88VX Series Respirator.


Easy to Operate and Economical...

The 88VX Series Respirator does not limit the user to one particular breathing air source. Breathing air may be

supplied from breathing air compressors, breathing air cylinders, or Bullard's own economical Free-Air Pumps.

Bullard offers the appropriate breathing air hose to connect the 88VX Series Respirator to any of these air sources.


Each 88VX Series Respirator consists of a complete assembly including the following components. All these components must be present and properly assembled to make a complete MSHA/NIOSH Approved Respirator:


NOTE: Bullard Breathing Air Supply Hose is not included in the purchase of an 88VX Respirator.



Lite VX LED Helmet Light


Offers blasters a hands-free lighting solution that mounts to the front of the 88VX® or any blast helmet.


STK# 402006   (Helmet mount light  assembly, complete)



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