• Blasting / Painting protection

 (88% Labor time / cost savings)

  • Full flange protection
  • Advanced pipe end cap technology

Blast Armour Protection


Blast Armour protects for painting and sandblasting.



  • Quality Flange Raised Face Protection
  • Reduces Flange Refacing Cost
  • Improved Predictability/Reliability
  • Quick and Easy Use
  • No Sticky Residue Left Behind
  • Raised Face or Full Face Sizes Available



  • Pipe spools/Equipment flanges
  • Construction Projects

Stock # 598001   (Armour, Blast, 1")

Stock # 598002   (Armour, Blast, 2")

Stock # 598003   (Armour, Blast, 3")

Stock # 598004   (Armour, Blast, 4")

Stock # 598006   (Armour, Blast, 6")

Stock # 598008   (Armour, Blast, 8")

Magnetic Armour Protection


Magnetic Armour protects through all fabrication processes.



  • Magnetic flange protection
  • Improves fabrication yield and throughput
  • Reduces preparation time/costs
  • Raised face or full face sizes available
  • Quick and dependable protection
  • Reduces flange refacing costs




  • Flange face protection
  • Commissioning projects
  • Turnarounds / shutdowns

    Corporate Branding Available

Stock # 599001   (Armour, Magnetic, 1")

Stock # 599002   (Armour, Magnetic, 2")

Stock # 599003   (Armour, Magnetic, 3")

Stock # 599004   (Armour, Magnetic, 4")

Stock # 599006   (Armour, Magnetic, 6")

Stock # 599008   (Armour, Magnetic, 8")

Flange Armour is the premiere Flange Protection that reduces the risk of flange defects and damage. Flange Armour reduces fabrication and capital costs, delivery times and improves site preservation. Flange Armour is the future of Quality Flange Integrity Protection.



  • Improved flange raised face protection
  • Reduces defects and damage
  • Reduces capital costs
  • Reduces inspection time
  • Improved Predictability/Reliability
  • Quick and easy use
  • High visibility
  • Improves fabrication yield and throughout
  • Reduces fabrication costs
  • Reduces shipping preparation time
  • Reduces assembly time/costs
  • Lightweight
  • Recyclable/Reusable
  • Improves product delivery time


  • Pipe spools/Equipment flanges
  • Construction projects
  • Warehouse/Yard preservation
  • Asset life cycle

Flange Armour Protection


Pipe Armour is the new technology in Pipe End Protection that improves current processes and eliminates current application frustrations experienced by facility personnel. Pipe Armour pipe end protection advancements make it the logical choice by companies. Pipe Armour is improving application processes, preparation and delivery times and will be the future of Pipe End Protection.



  • Advanced Design
  • Improved Industry Practice
  • Quick/Easy Application
  • Recyclable/Reusable
  • Customer satisfaction exceeded
  • Improved Predictability and Reliability
  • Reduced shipping preparation time
  • Improves warehouse/yard preservation
  • Maintains asset integrity
  • Corporate branding available


  • Pipe Transportation
  • Facility/Construction Projects
  • Pipeline Projects
  • Sandblasting
  • Valve pup piece protection
  • Commissioning Projects
  • Warehouse/Yard Preservation
  • Coating


 Companies can now brand their name on the Pipe Armour end caps and specify the color of cap that promotes their business brand. Pipe Armour will work with you to brand your name on the pipe end caps of any size for brand recognition to your current and future clients.

Pipe Armour Protection


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