Abrasive Transfer / Air Movers

Venturi Type Air Movers

Venturi type air movers
Venturi type air movers

Pneumatically powered, operates on the venture principle whereby you take small volumes of high velocity air through the casting and out the nozzle jets creating a venturi action that induces large volumes of low velocity air through the venturi and out the diffuser.

VAF-3000P Ventilation Fan

 UL and C-Ul Listed for hazardous locations

• Duct diameter - 12”

• Air consumption - 38 CFM @ 100 PSI max.

• Noise level - 86 dBa

• Total weight - 28 lbs

• Explosion proof


Stock # VAF-3000P


Ventilation fan

Black-Max Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans
Eagle industries

Only the Black-Max has a plated propeller that produces greater air flow while eliminating top turbulence.  When combined with properly designed dust socks and ducting, the Black-Max becomes a workable solution to most negative or positive pressure applications.

Fan To Duct Adaptors & Clamps

These adaptors mount easily to the TWRS EXP Fan and Eagles Black-Max Fans allowing connection of dust socks or ducting.

Adaptors & Clamps

Dust Socks

Dust sock

Comprised of spun bond polypropylene and polyethylene fabric.  Filter fine particles of 0.10 micron and larger.

Powered Air Abrasive Vac Unit

Pneumatically operated vacuum system for cleaning up abrasive spills or recovery of abrasive in smaller usage applications, no electrical power required.  The unit consumes 150 CFM of compressed air @ 100 PSI.


Stock # 22500  (P.A.V. unit c/w HD drum, 25’ pick up hose, steel wand, double venture cap)

Stock # 222515 (Optional full load clamp kit)

Stock # 22501 (Filter bag)



Air abrasive vac unit

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